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A Guide to Buy Gold Jewellery Online

A Guide to Buy Gold Jewellery Online

The passion for gold ornaments has been there for millennia, these ornaments are timeless and the craze has been marked forever. Archaeologists have discovered that the practice of crafting gold as a piece of jewellery was in trend since 3000 BC, whereas few studies even revealed that gold was common in the eastern part of Europe during 400 B.C. However, many of them believe that the practice of using gold in the form of ornaments was introduced in India, and thousands of years later, the popularity can still be seen. 

There is no surprise that in this fast-changing world, there are countless gold sellers online and everyday gold worth millions is traded. There is no shortage of online fine gold jewellery, but people who are purchasing gold online must be aware of the fact that not every gold that they purchase is genuine. Moreover, if you have an interest in modern or antique gold rings, then you are no stranger to more open risks. However, if you are purchasing gold from a certified seller then there is nothing to fret about.

Carat / Karat -

If refers to the purity of gold present in a particular alloy. The purest form of gold is 24 carat but nowadays most of the jewellery in this country is either 18 carats or  9 carats, (1 carat is 4.166% pure). When you make an online purchase, it is essential that you check the purity of that gold. If the jeweller has listed the gold then it should have the necessary details, irrespective of age. 

Colour -

Not everything that glitters is gold. In the market, white gold is also available, which is created by mixing gold with silver and rhodium, whereas rose gold contains copper. These days, to create a striking design, a number of coloured golds and modern designs are combined. 

Hallmarks -

The simplest and easiest way to find out about gold is to look for the hallmark. You should always purchase gold that has a hallmark inscribed on it. A reputed seller will always present this forward. 

Descriptions -

Always stick to the description of that gold ornament, be it the gold colour, gold-toned, or gold-plated. This is widely important as you might be dealing with something that is way cheaper than actual gold. You will pay the price for gold but end up buying a cheaper version. 

Customer Testimonials -

Custom reviews could be a lifesaver for you. It is always essential to read customer testimonials before making a purchase. They provide feedback about the products, services, and sellers. This is a great way to get assurance that the product you are about to purchase is of great value and you will be paying for genuine Gold Jewellery UK

Delivery -

Be careful with the terms and conditions of the seller. Make sure that you are not liable for any loss or damage that occurs to your purchase during delivery. In case you are making a time-sensitive purchase then make sure you are well aware of the details that the seller has to point out. 

These are a few of the highlighting factors that will help you protect yourself from experiencing any issues when you are purchasing gold online. Always prefer a certified and reputed buyer and don't rush for someone who is offering cheaper alternatives. If you need further assistance with Real Gold Jewellery UK then Holysab can help you out with your queries. Get in touch with our support team at holysabmails@gmail.com 

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