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Ring Size Guide for Women in UK

Ring Size Guide for Women in UK

When it comes to buying a ring, it is obvious that you first need to get the right size for it, be it for yourself or for someone else. If you don't know the right size and yet make a purchase then chances are even that you are making it more complex. We have witnessed people who put so much effort into selecting the perfect ring yet end up with disappointment as the ring would not fit their partner's finger. The moral is that if you are putting so much effort then make sure that you select the perfect ring that would accurately fit the ring finger.

Here we are presenting you with our complete guide so that you can quickly figure out the to buy gold ring for women online in any situation and will make the day extra special, just the day you want it to be.

How to find your ring size - 

  • Measure An Existing Ring -

  • The best and the easiest way to figure out the ring size that would fit you would be the current ring that you are wearing. Just measure the diameter in mm using a tape/ruler. Then you can use the measurement chart and match the letter sizing with the ring size chart UK. You also have a digital option, where you can download and print your scale ring size guide. This is to compare the inner diameter of your ring to the circles in the guide. This may sound obvious but remember that the thickness of all your fingers varies, so you need to be accurate with your measurement for that specific ring to the finger only. 

  • Measuring Your Finger -

  • In case you do not have a finger ring at the moment, you can simply use the technique mentioned below. 

    1. Make a knuckle and wrap a strip of paper around your finger. Make sure that the paper feels comfortable or else it would be too tight. To make sure that the ring fits perfectly, you can even measure the base of the finger. The measurement paper must be at least ¾ inch wide and 4 inches long. 
    2. You can unfurl the paper after carefully marking the ends where it ends. If you have used a ring sizer then note the value that you got. 
    3. To determine the circumference, measure from mark to mark on the paper or take the values that you got and check against your ring size guide for women in UK on the chart. 
    4. You can also use a string but as it's a kind of flexible, your measurements might get affected. 
  • Printable Ring Size Guide -

  • In the UK, you can measure the ring size on an alphabetic scale, this ranges from A to Z+ with half sizes in between. In general, the sizes vary between I - Z. To get the correct size, you can compare the diameter against the printable ring size guide or can measure it out on the cutout paper ring size. To bring out an accurate print, set the printer scale at 100% and set it to ‘fit page box.'

  • When using the paper ring sizer simply –

  • You need to make a cut out of the slot marked at the end of the sizer and then wrap it around the base of your left finger. You can then slide the narrow end of the sizer through the slot. Make sure to pull it gently to have a perfect fit, make sure that the fit is perfect, and then check the value displayed for your ring size

  • Professional Measuring -

    One of the best ways to be 100% certain with your measurement is to visit your local jewellery shop. 

     At Holysab, our professionals have years of expertise in this field and will provide an accurate ring size measurement as per your requirement. This way you can rest assured that you are investing in a piece of ring that’s perfect for you.

    In some cases, the size of the ring might differ as per the brand and manufacture. This is the reason why it is recommended to get the finger measured by a professional from the company where you are going to buy the ring. This way you can rest assured with the fitting and the ring size chart UK that fits you the best.

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