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What is the Initial necklace? 

The ornament had its root in ancient Greek and Roman rulers, who started putting their initials on the coins and wearing them as a necklace. With time and trends, the designs get modified and became popular and demanded. 

A real Gold initial necklace is the initials carved in gold and put on a necklace. It is the most classy and traditional type of necklace that gives the feeling of love for something whose initial is there on your necklace. Be it a single initial or the whole word, the initial necklace never goes out of fashion and enhances your beauty and the love for that initial. 


Holysab is one of the best online shopping platforms where you can easily order your desired ornaments and get the original product delivered at your end. Holysab has a variety of real gold initial necklace, which comes in every alphabet and both modern and traditional elegant design that will make you go aww for these initial necklaces. 

Holysab Initial gold necklace 

The yellow gold initial necklace is a big yes for your usual wearing, as it never goes off-trend. Whether you want the first letter of your name or the thing that is special for you we will make your love more special with the beautifully and gracefully designed real gold initial necklace that will shine on your neck thereby giving you a special and beautiful feeling. You can also choose other letters to include in your gold necklace by layering initials on the necklace. 

Our real gold initial necklace comes with a guarantee of the metal that is pure gold, and you can trust us with your jewellery. The initials are fully designed with the original metal of gold and also come with a matching chain of the same metal, providing you the ethereal experience of a real gold initial necklace. 

The real gold initial necklace also comes in a variety of designs as per your demands, including initials in form of curved letters, or made from white gold, and even with silver to make it look attractive and pure. 

Why gold initial necklace?

The reason that a real gold initial necklace is preferred more always is because of the durable and original metal. The necklace at Holysab comes with an innovative anti-tarnish protective coating for a beautiful long-lasting life of the necklace. The gold initial necklaces are designed as water, sweat, and heat-resistant so that your necklace would not get affected by any of these things. The gold initial necklace is nickel-free and has a guarantee of pure gold. 

The initial necklace also comes in a bobble chain with a lobster clasp, which is one of the most demanded designs in terms of the gold initial necklace. Whether you want your initial necklace as a luxury one or the cute one, we have everything available for you as per your taste and liking. 

Apart from this you can either choose a Grace Toggle Necklace if you want to start anything good and wants to stand different or you can simply go for the Luna necklace, which allows you to choose your initials from the alphabet and makes it as an elegant necklace.

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