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"About Us"

In fiction, fashion is symbolic; accessories become a form of context where jewelry is often used to represent a character’s transformation, power or privilege. It says, “Jewelry have more important offices than merely to keep us fashionable; it changes our view of the world and the world's view of us.”

Jewelries for her represents a form of social artifice. Her renowned stream of consciousness style narrative explores the performed femininity she ascribes to certain articles of clothing: “Though I am reluctant putting on my fine jewels, I know that when they are on, I shall have invested myself at the same time with a certain social demeanor—I shall be ready to talk about the floor & the weather & other frivolities, which I consider platitudes in my any outfits.”

In today’s image-saturated world, where everyone is documenting their supposed lives on social media; brands could well benefit from looking towards lifestyle as a guide on how to rise above the cacophony and cultivate enduring appeal. As Evelyn Waugh rightly put, it is the “suggestion of the haphazard” — be it a marked personality or a vague recalcitrance, that raises an outfit ‘high above the mere chic of the mannequin”.


Holysab assures you a pure, blissful experience of online shopping. We try our best to understand the taste, choice and concerns of our customers. From daily use chic jewelry to premium range of designs you’re certain to find one for each of your special moments.


We are focused to ensure our customers with:

  • A wide range of exclusive jewellery designs with lasting quality
  • Seal of purity with warranty service


  • Affordable pricing
  • Fast and safe shipping
  • Great eco-friendly packaging
  • Dedicated customer service